Kampoeng Organik, A New Educational Tourism Object in Jambi City

To picnic at the same time to learn in Kampoeng Organik…

Kampoeng Organik, Objek Wisata Edukasi baru di Kota Jambi

Jambi Kampoeng Organik ( The Jambi Organic Village) is one of educational tourism objects located on Jalan Lingkar Selatan III Neighborhood Unit 26, Palmerah Village, Jambi Selatan Subdistrict, Jambi City, near Sulthan Thaha Airport with an area of three hectares width with a concept offering a natural atmosphere to visitors. Not only that, Kampoeng Organik provides a different atmosphere that may offer you an atmosphere as if you are not in Jambi.

Kampoeng Organik also has a commitment to give education to visitors, because beside supplying tourist rides, there are also some organic plants that can be seen and visitors can find out how is process of the plants grow. “We also serve visitors who want to learn about how to plant vegetables with this organic system, said Mr. Candra as Kampoeng Organik owner.

Not only that, there are also tourist rides in the Kampoeng Organik, such as highrope, ATV arena, teletubbies park, fish catching pool and other various interesting playing rides.

(translated by Zumalal Laeli)   



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